Friday, May 18, 2007

So jealous!!

My first 'rant' post. Somehow, I knew when I started this blog that this day would come. That's why got the 'rant and raves' thingy in the intro mah...

Anyways...I'm ranting, but not really in a bad way. Just in a very jealous way!! Cos my great group of gal pals in KL are having a drinking party tomorrow and of course I WON"T be there...cos i'm stuck here in penang. OK lest anyone friends and I are definitely not drinking 'kaki's... heck for as long as I've known them (hmm..close to 8 years now?) I've never ever gone drinking with them. We're a more karaoke-redbox-newway going kinda gang. AND I've only gone clubbing with them ONCE (and that's just cos one of them was getting married).
So...imagine my surprise when I saw an email invitation for a drinking session this saturday!

They'll be crashing at a friend's house, probably drinking vodka, Kahlua and Chivas mixed with green tea and coke (not all together!!), eating greasy junk food and cake, talking nonsense, do a lil crazy dancing maybe? and generally have a REALLY great time. AND...i'm gonna miss it. Jealous-nya!! To the max man!

But I know they'll miss me, and being the sweet great friends that they are, they're gonna drink a shot of Chivas each on my behalf!! muahahaha!

PS: I am, by the way, not much of a drinker. Seriously.



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