Friday, March 30, 2007

A Very Special Birthday Dinner

A few years back, a close friend of mine made me dinner. This friend of mine is a guy who loves cooking and trying out new recipes when time permits. We made papaya and green tea ice cream once, but thats another story altogther.... :)
And so, for my birthday that year, he whipped up an '8-course' dinner!!

First course...

He called it "Lake of the Forest". It was a creamy watercress soup...

His special garlic bread with cheese on top...truly yummy!

Mashed potatoes with added mushrooms (because I like mushrooms!)

His version of Chicken Satay (kinda like Batu Maung Satay)

Roasted Chicken Wings

Homemade Fish Balls

"Black pepper surprise"

And finally...Tuna Mushroom Spaghetti!

After all that, we had dessert. I was filled to the brim and couldn't eat another bite!



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