Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best Pan Mee in Penang!

When I was younger, I'd never tasted Pan Mee before. I only discovered this delicious off white homemade noodles made out of flour, when I studied in KL. I remember tasting my first bowl of pan mee at a road side stall along the streets of Wangsa Maju. And have been a fan ever since.

When I came back to Penang, I was most disappointed to find that there were no good Pan Mee stalls in Penang, until.... I discovered this little gem, 'Hou Mei Yuen' kopitiam, tucked away in the flats opposite Vistana Hotel, near Bukit Jambul Complex.

This kopitiam only sells Pan Mee, served dried or with soup. The 'mee' (noodle) comes in 2 varieties - thick and flat, or thin. I like my Pan Mee thin and will always order the dried version, which looks something like this....

The dried version Pan Mee has mee mixed in yummy black sauce and comes with minced meat, crunchy 'ikan bilis' (anchovies), black strips of 'bok nee' (dried black tree fungus, ok it tastes better than it sounds!!) and a bowl of soup with fish balls. Best of all, the chilli dip that they serve is also two thumbs up! Its not too spicy and slighty tangy...makes for a great companion to that scrumptious plate/bowl of pan mee!

This being a kopitiam, and a very popular one at that, there are no frills. You write your orders on little stacks of papers and hand the paper with your table number written on it to the girls at the stall. You also have the option of adding extras like 'ikan bilis' and fish balls. They usually only serve "leng teh" (cool tea) either hot or cold.
'Hou Mei Yuen' is open Monday-Saturdays 8am-3pm. Happy eating!


Friday, March 30, 2007

A Very Special Birthday Dinner

A few years back, a close friend of mine made me dinner. This friend of mine is a guy who loves cooking and trying out new recipes when time permits. We made papaya and green tea ice cream once, but thats another story altogther.... :)
And so, for my birthday that year, he whipped up an '8-course' dinner!!

First course...

He called it "Lake of the Forest". It was a creamy watercress soup...

His special garlic bread with cheese on top...truly yummy!

Mashed potatoes with added mushrooms (because I like mushrooms!)

His version of Chicken Satay (kinda like Batu Maung Satay)

Roasted Chicken Wings

Homemade Fish Balls

"Black pepper surprise"

And finally...Tuna Mushroom Spaghetti!

After all that, we had dessert. I was filled to the brim and couldn't eat another bite!