Thursday, June 14, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia

Another rant post coming please bear with me for a little, while I veer off topic.
Have been faithfully following So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia since it started and this is the second time I feel so frustrated!
The first time was when Sean was eliminated in the second week. I was totally shocked and thought he did not deserve to be eliminated so early in the competition because I felt he had so much potential. So yeah, he didn't really deliver a great performance that week, but did he deserve to be kicked out just because of one lousy, slightly below par performance?? Definitely not! Despite my mom, my brother and I furiously voting for him, he still had to leave....
But that, is history, and something that I've let go. I still believe Sean is a great dancer and he shouldn't let this dampen his spirits.

Tonight! Another frustrating night, mainly because I 'beh tahan' that blardee host anymore! Yep, the female host. I already didn't like her from the beginning but I just gritted my teeth and focused more on the contestants and the dancing. But each week she got more and more irritating and she made so many fumbles that they had to bring in a co host to save her.

Tonight! wah, she made the biggest fumble yet! While they were announcing the bottom six for the female dancers, the male co host had called both Brancy and Sue. And later announced that Sue was safe, meaning Brancy was in the bottom six. Right after this, the very brilliant female host happily announced "Congratulations Brancy!" (I can't remember what she said exactly after that, except for the very glaring mistake of saying Congratulations Brancy!!) After that, my gosh, both the host 'kelam kabut' already to cover up that mistake!!
I mean, as a Brancy fan, I'm furious la! Dah lah people feel so bad for being in the bottom 6, suddenly you have to go tell people Congratulations! Congratulations?? For being in the bottom 6??? Thank goodness Brancy is still safe!

I think that at this stage, all the dancers are really really good and its tough to see someone go home. So, the least they could do is to handle eliminations with a lil bit more sensitivity! Previously, they even messed up the numbers for voting for the contestants!

Tonight, I'm sad to see Jimmy go home, cos I do think he's great. All of them are actually. To all of you Top 20 guys (& gals) are the best!!

And to 8tv, please please please get a better (female) host!



At 2:02 PM, Blogger Ping Ping said...

yea yea. Although I don't follow the show, I hate the host. First of all, she comments too much. After the judges have given their evaluation, she goes on saying she thinks the contestants were great. No doubt it does make the contestants feel better but who is she to say that the contestants were great and oppose the judges advices? Host should remain host and let the fans choose.

And I remember there's once when she got all the numbers for the bottom 6 or something mixed up. I was thinking if that person were to get eliminated, she is the first one to be blamed. She is lousy and she can't speak English. I think this will be her first and last time hosting in 8tv. That is if 8tv have eyes to see la. The guy is better. Even though he came in later, he is much better compared to the girl.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger lingzie said...

ya! she got the numbers for the bottom 6 mixed up and i was thinking the same as you. luckily the viewers were smarter and hopefully the 'right' person was sent home!
she just cannot host live shows!

At 2:11 PM, Blogger ong said...

tis is poh wai. u may felt that i leave comment here but i did follow the show. n the show is really good & is not a dance show feature more about street dance or current hit dances like hip hop.
i really rally have to agree on u that the girl host is really really 'CHA'. cannot host, make mistake, cannot stir the environment, not pretty n the worst is o say the wrong things lar.
i still remember that episode u mention, i was like did i hear it wrong? coz there wasn't much respond from both the host, the contestants n the audiences. now i know she did say things wrongly. i really was suprise when there is a new guy host on the show, then only i figure out is to cover for the girl. sigh..... how to cari makan to host like that?

At 12:08 PM, Blogger zewt said...

have to agree... that woman doesnt have what it takes to be a good host. i remember the very first show... she made so many grammatical error in her speech i wanted to call in to 8TV to highlight it!

At 3:27 PM, Blogger lingzie said...

poh wai -hi hi!! wah visit my blog leh..thanks ya!

zewt - totally agree with what you guys said! luckily the show is almost over...dun have to put up with her anymore! i think 8tv also regretted having her host the show...

At 11:41 PM, Blogger zewt said...

apparently she is a close friend of fellos blogger ... talk about small world..

At 2:51 PM, Blogger lingzie said...

ooooh...small world indeed!
but even then, even she herself has to admit that she has room for improvement!!


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